When you click on the Options icon this screen will be displayed. See below for an explanation of each option.
A signature is a sign off text that appears at the end of your messages, normally containing your contact information, addresses, phone numbers etc.
To create a new signature, click on the Options icon and then click "Signatures".

Here you can Name, Compose, Delete and Save signatures.
  • Signature Name - In this field, type in what you would like to call the signature, e.g. Work or Home.
  • Signature - In this field, type in what you would like to appear in the signature. For example:
    Chris Jones
    Johnson Rd,
    Northcote, Auckland
    555 387 5839
  • Save - When you have finished, click on the Save icon and this signature will appear in your Signatures list. If you have changed the "Signature Name", a new signature will be added to the list without deleting the original signature.
  • Default - If you have more than one signature, you can choose a default signature using the drop down menu.
  • - To delete a signature, select signature name from 'Name' list, or type the signature name into 'Signature Name' field, then click on the "Delete" icon.

  • - Click the Styletext Window icon to use Text Style for your signature.
  • Done - The Done button returns you to the Options page without saving your changes, so save any changes first.
Full Name/Template Set
Your Name and EMail Address are shown here, and you can check and change the Time Zone.

  • Cookie Login - Checking the 'Cookie Login' checkbox will make WebMail store a cookie on your machine so you will be automatically logged in without having to enter a username and password.
    You should NOT use this feature on public machines.
  • Time Zone - Select the appropriate time zone from the drop down list.
  • Save - Save your settings.

  • Select Template Set - You may have the option to change the template set. Select from the dropdown list and change the look and feel of WebMail. Use the template set you prefer.
  • Save - Save your choice.
Filtering Rules
You can set up filtering rules to identify particular messages, and then move, copy, forward, or delete them.


  • If the -- section contains - Select the part of the Email you want to filter on. If the section selected contains whatever you put in the text field then it will be filtered.
  • Move to folder - Select folder to receive filtered Email. Message will be not appear in the Inbox.
  • Copy to folder - Select folder to receive filtered Email. Message will also appear in the Inbox.
  • Forward to Email address - Message will be forwarded to the Email address entered here. Check "Delete forwarded Email" to delete message from your message list.
  • Delete - Delete the identified message before you even see it.
  • Add Filter - Select the position of your filter (see below).The default will add filter after the last one in list.
  • Position - Filters are processed according to position (1 then 2, etc). Therefore if an Email matches more than one filter (e.g. From "myfriend@home.com" with the subject of "Coffee"), the matched filter with the lowest Position number will be processed first. If an Email has been moved or deleted, no more filters will be applied to that Email.
  • Filter - Description of the filter. Clicking on the filter allows you to modify it.
  • Up/Down arrows - This moves the selected filter up or down 1 position.
  • Delete - This link will delete the filter.
Message List Settings
Here you can customize features of your main email list screen.

  • Auto Refresh - You can set this field to make WebMail automatically check for new mail. Make this field blank to turn this feature off.
  • Number of messages per page - This sets how many messages you would like to view per page.
  • Don't display preview panel - Check this check box if you would like to disable the message preview panel.
  • Rebuild Folders - Tidy up and optimize your folders. Only needed if you are having some trouble with one or more of your folders.
  • Raw - Displays all the raw data of message.
  • Headers - Displays all EMail Headers.
  • Variable width font - Uses the variable width font.
  • Inline Images - If checked, common images are shown directly after written text of message.
  • Language - This is the deafult language used when creating a new message.
  • Keep Copies - You can default to On, (copy of message will be put in Sent Items mailbox), Off, (no copy kept anywhere) or sticky. Sticky means whatever settings you last used will be the default next time.
Holiday Settings
Set up automatic forwarding of and/or responding to your incoming email.

  • Fowarding Settings - Type the EMail address you wish to forward to.
  • Delete Original Message - Check box if the original message is to be deleted after it has been forwarded or responded to.

  • Note - If you check this when setting up an automatic response, the message will not be kept.
  • Automatic Response - Set up your automatic responses.
    - Check "Enable responder", to start automatic responding to sender.
    - Check "Only respond to messages", to only respond to messages that are specifically addressed to you and not to multiple addresses.
    - Select an option for how often you want reponses sent.
    - Type in Message subject and your message.
    - Then save your settings. Remember to change these settings when you wish to stop automatic responses.